You have scanned my body.

Congratulations. Have a secret.


Name: Amber
Favorite color: Amber
Pronouns: she/it
Gender: girl(other)
Sex: Never had it

Oh Yeah this website is part of a webring now!

While you're here, check out some things I made.

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This is a little scene I made in blender. Fan art for the Mystery Flesh Pit. Rendered in eevee.


Some fresh meat... Maybe a little too fresh. Also made in blender. Rendered in cycles.

Wool... so soft...

Made this to test out the hair system in blender to try and get it to make some nice satisfying wool. Rendered in cycles.

Sentry go PEW

Using the sentry rig for blender by hisanimations with a wacky fisheye lens! Rendered in cycles.

More fleshy...

An older render of some flesh. I never properly released this one because I thought it looked too yummy and didn't give off the cosmic horror vibe I was trying to go for. Rendered in cycles.


Another flesh render. This one has veins! I displace the UV map and use a sine function to alter the intensity of the veins. If you look closely, you can see the blood traveling through the blood vessels from bottom to top! Rendered in cycles.

Amniotic Thermal Springs

A render of my interpretation of what it would be like to be inside the amniotic thermal springs of the Mystery Flesh Pit. Still is still a work in progress and I could use feedback on this one. Rendered in cycles.

Funny text

An animated version of the logo I settled on. Went for that sort of 2000s feel. Rendered in cycles.

Thank you for scanning me.

This website is in ongoing development so you might see bugs and stuff like that. I will be updating this page occasionally so feel free to scan me again! :3 I hope you enjoyed your visit.

Also if you have any suggestions for additions or changes, let me know!

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