Cool Websites!

A list of cool websites that I like :3

World of Solitaire!

World of solitaire Screenshot

This is very much a time eater for me. It has 125 games, it keeps game stats, there's so much to love about this one.

This Might Be a Wiki!

This Might Be a Wiki Logo

The They Might Be Giants fan wiki! Since TMBG is my favorite band and current hyperfixation, this one was bound to make the list.

The Life Engine!

The Life Engine Screenshot

A cellular automata game that plays in the browser similar to Conway's Game Of Life but based more on creature evolution. You can even make your own little pixelated creatures!

Cat Soundboard!

Cat Soundboard Screenshot

A soundboard full of cat sounds. Great for communicating with my trans kitty cat friends :3


Youtube Direct Audio Link Screenshot

Short for Youtube Direct Audio Link. A friend made this one and it's good, fast, extremely minimalist, and ad free.

Hosted using GitHub pages. Source code available here!